Yuzgaz B.V. is a project management SPV established by the private equity fund Emerstone Energy SCSP for the purpose of the participation in the bid for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Yuzivska field within the framework of the Product and Sharing Agreement with the Government of Ukraine.

Yuzgaz B.V. is a team of leading Ukrainian and international professionals who have experience in successful implementation of oil and gas exploration and production projects in Ukraine and worldwide. Yuzgaz B.V. will engage Schlumberger, a world leading oil and gas service company, to manage the project, particularly its technical aspects, as well as to perform exploration and drilling operations.

The recent drop in prices of energy resources on global markets has sharply changed the criteria on which major oil and gas companies assess the expediency of investments in high risk projects. At the same time, small and more agile companies with lower administrative operational costs and which have access to advanced technologies and know-how are replacing the majors in high-risk projects. Such companies were behind the shale gas revolution in the USA. Their success in introduction of new technologies facilitated a significant increase in the production of oil and gas, which led to the drop in prices.

Yuzgaz B.V. is such a company – agile, proactive and with access to advanced technologies, know-how and modern equipment.